Version 10.0

Release Date: January 6, 2020

What's New

Version 10 of AlarmTraq brings several new features as well as changes to the previous versions.

This section highlights some of the new features introduced in v10.

  • Improved alarm filters - to reduce the occurrence of repeat and unnecessary alarms
  • Improved Disable Notification Rules - to reject or disable notification for specific alarms by site(Product ID).
  • Improved and Expanded Maintenance Object Library - with over 5,300 Avaya objects instructing the system how to respond to individual alarms and errors.
  • New AlarmTraq API Client, a REST API client to create new support tickets when an alarm is received and close a support ticket when the alarm is cleared.
  • New AlarmTraq API WebService to process WebRequests from gateways and allows authorized users the ability to view alarm history, edit site-profiles, run reports and more.
  • New Linux based agatewayCS secure alarming gateway for Nortel CS1000 using NEW Alarm rules table.
  • Improved Linux based agateway secure alarming gateway providing significant performance enhancements.
  • Improved Avaya CM Traffic Measurement enchancements (10-user license included).

Deploy Aurora Gateway running Linux from a VMware OVA template (2:15)

Aurora Gateway (agateway) on Raspberry Pi (16:26)

agatewayCS - CS1000 Alarming Gateway (14:06)

Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted connection using SALBOT3

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