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About AlarmTraq REST API Client

REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is a simple stateless architecture that provides standards between computer systems on the web, making it easier for them to communicate with each other. AlarmTraq API Client is a REST API Client library (Helper Library) used to create HTTP requests and also to process the HTTP responses from a REST API. AlarmTraq can raise requests directly into your ticketing systems API and automatically create and/or close trouble tickets.

The purpose of the AlarmTraq API Client can be explained with the help of a scenario.

In general, when an alarm is received by AlarmTraq, an e-mail notification is sent to a support representative and a new trouble ticket is created. The field values (priority, level, impact, category and so on) are entered into the ticketing system by the support representative. This mechanism is time-consuming and eventually results in a dip in your help desk productivity chart.

With AlarmTraq API Client, you can automate this process. When an alarm is received, AlarmTraq can POST the field details and raise a trouble ticket automatically. The ticket ID is returned to AlarmTraq in order to perform any further operations over the request.

When the alarm is resolved or cleared by automatic alarm remediation, AlarmTraq REST API Client will attempt to close the trouble ticket using the original ticket ID. This method will not only close tickets faster, it frees up your support representatives for other important tasks.

Contact your ticketing system manufacturer to see if an API is available to create and clear tickets through automation.

AlarmTraq API Client uses JSON template files to format the HTTP Requests used to create/modify/close trouble tickets via REST API. For more information see API Templates

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