AlarmTraq API WebService

We are pleased to announce the next generation of the AlarmTraq API WebService! You can now experience all the latest innovations designed to provide you with a business advantage.

AlarmTraq API WebService is a RESTful web service (also called a RESTful web API) implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. Access to actionable information is critical to informed decision-making and operational excellence. The AlarmTraq API WebService provides an online resource where you can view alarm history, create a new device to be monitored, edit existing device and notification settings, run reports, and more.

Many reports are available, each tailored to a particular aspect of data management. Through filter criteria, you can customize each report to include only the data that is required. Report templates can be customized and are available to you to save, run, schedule, edit, and view.

When you first login to the webservice you are presented with the default page showing a graph with the number of alarms as well as active alarms. You can select several options on the left hand side of the page.

Default Page

You can view alarms from a wallboard in your support center or edit and clear alarms from your desktop using your webbrowser.

Wallboard View

You can easily add or edit site profiles, devices and gateways right from your desktop.


Change Notification Plans on the fly from almost anywhere. Save the changes to a custom template and apply that template to individual devices associated with a customer.

Notification Plans

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