Version 9.0

Release Date: February 1, 2019

Added alarming support for

  • Avaya Aura® Communication Manager Release 8.0
  • Avaya IP Office Release 11.0
  • Avaya Aura® Utility Services (AVPUS)
  • Avaya Aura® Appliance Virtualization Platform
  • NEC UNIVERGE 3C click here

Added support for Avaya SAL BP Alarm Receiver (BPAR).

New SALBOT3 for auto alarm remediation, testing and reporting through Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted Concentrator

Improved Nortel CS1000 Secure Alarming over https.

Support for Aurora WebService which provides secure alarming over https.

Improved Avaya CM Traffic Measurement enchancements (10-user license included).

Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted connection using SALBOT3

Aurora Gateway on Raspberry Pi

Important SNMP, encryption & default certificate changes in Avaya Aura® 7.0 Avaya Aura 7.0 introduces important changes to SNMP MIBs in Communication Manager.

The SNMP changes also apply to the recent Communication Manager 6.3.111 release.

IMPORTANT: The updated SNMP MIBs are completely different from those issued with Communication Manager 6.3.xx and earlier releases. AlarmTraq version 7.5 and older will not work with CM 6.3.111 or higher releases, and will require upgrading to version 9.0 to receive alarms using the new MIB structure in Communication Manager 6.3.111 and higher.

Learn more about SNMP changes

SNMP Renewal Quick Reference Guide

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager SNMP Administration and Reference Guide

Maintenance Alarms for Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, Branch Gateways, and Servers

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager Server Alarms

Learn more about encryption changes

Learn more about default certificate changes

Sample SNMP Trap Message
                                Community: public
Agent IP:
Message Type: 71
Agent Port: 43835
Index: 0
VariableCount: 8
SNMP Type: SNMPv2c
v2 Trap Name: [] avCmAlmAlarmTest

[] [sysUpTime] 14107965
[] [snmpTrapOID] avCmAlmAlarmTest
[] [avCmAlmIPAddress] IPV4= IPV6=
[] [avCmAlmSystemName] server1
[] [avCmAlmProductID] 1000000172
[] [avCmAlmAlarmedDate] 09/25
[] [avCmAlmAlarmedTime] 05:57:14
[] [avCmAlmTestDescription] CUSTOMER ALARM TEST

A Test Alarm has been issued by the CommunicaMgr process to generate a trap for testing.

Processing alarm as: 1000000172 25/07:57,EOF,RES|CUSTOMER ALARM TEST,avCmAlmAlarmTest,n,WAR

Alarm 199603 processed successfully.


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