Feature: Alternate Alarm Type

The Alternate Alarm Type is used to change the notification type for an alarm as defined in the Maintenance Object database. This is a system-wide setting and applies to all sites. To modify the alarm notification type for a specific site see Disable Notification Rules.

Alarm treatment can be upgraded, downgraded, dropped or cancelled. This setting only effects the notification of the alarm and does not change the actual alarm type in the database. If a major alarm is received and it's notification treatment is downgraded to a minor alarm, Alarmtraq will follow the notification plan for a minor alarm.

MAJ Changes the notification type to major alarm.
MIN Changes the notification type to minor alarm.
WAR Changes the notification type to warning.
NONE Cancels all email notification, pager notification and dial-back attempts. The alarm remains in the database.
DROP The alarm is dropped before creating an alarm record. No email notification, pager notification or dial-back attempts. Only the log files will show the alarm.
DEV Changes the notification type to development load alarm.

Maintenance Object Database