Software Support Policy

Reilly Telecom Inc. provides worldwide support for the AlarmTraq® product line of remote alarm monitoring solutions from our headquarters in North Haven, Connecticut USA.

You must register the software or have purchased a support plan to receive support of any kind. We must have valid customer information on file, especially an e-mail address prior to providing support. If calling, please have AlarmTraq up and running before you call us.

You can renew your support plan annually to keep on getting the best support and the latest updates, year after year. By investing in a support plan, you invest in your future and ensure that you can take advantage of the latest technologies and support the latest standards.

Software support delivery is provided via the telephone with an on-site option (Professional Services) if required. Base Support hours are 08:00 through 18:00 US Eastern Time zone.

Contact Reilly Telecom

Reilly Telecom support personnel may be reached by various methods:
Telephone: 800.394.2173 Send email to support.

Required Information

When reporting a problem no matter which method is used the following information must be supplied:

  1. Customer name and site.
  2. Customer contact name, phone number and email address
  3. AlarmTraq and host operating system types and release levels
  4. Problem description and severity level

Once a problem is reported to Reilly Telecom, it is entered into a problem tracking database (Microsoft CRM) and assigned a case number. Customers may get the current status of their problem by simply contacting us and requesting the status of the assigned case number.

Severity Levels

When problems are reported to Reilly Telecom, they are assigned a severity level based on the following criteria:

Severity 1
System down
The customer's system is inoperative. E.g., AlarmTraq crashes and is unable to receive alarms on all modems or IP interfaces.
Severity 2
System highly impacted
While the system is not completely down, there is a major impact to the customers operation. E.g., AlarmTraq must be restarted numerous times before alarms are received.
Severity 3
System impacted
There is a minor impact to the customer's operation. E.g., AlarmTraq outputting high severity error messages, or slow performance.
Severity 4
The system is operational, but there are infrequent errors. E.g., AlarmTraq issues an error message once a day.
Severity 5
Used for reporting deficiencies in documentation.
Escalation Schedule

The following table illustrates the escalation process for problems reported to Reilly Telecom:

Elapsed Time Problem Escalated to:
8 hrs Director of Customer Services

24 hrs President and Operations Manager
2 days Director of Customer Services

7 days President and Operations Manager
10 days Director of Customer Services

14 days President and Operations Manager
45 days Director of Customer Services

60 days President and Operations Manager
New Operating System Releases

Reilly Telecom will use best efforts to provide support for new versions of actively supported Operating Systems within 180 days after Reilly Telecom has access to the new Operating System release.

Back Level Version Support

Once Reilly Telecom has released a version of AlarmTraq, or its applications, the previous version of AlarmTraq will be supported for 180 days.

Support for previous versions are available at the discretion of Reilly Telecom. Support, if available, would be furnished on a time and expenses basis.

Software Warranty

Reilly Telecom warrants that the software product will function in accordance with Reilly Telecom's published specifications existing on the date of acquisition for a period of 90 days from shipment.

For any service or contract questions, contact Reilly Telecom by phone at 800.394.2173 or send email to our support group.

Professional Services Pricing

Current pricing for Professional Services (Time & Expenses) is as follows:

  • Remote Telephone Support - $125/hour, billed by actual hours.
  • On-Site Support - $250/hour, 8 hour minimum, plus reasonable and actual expenses incurred.

Support Matrix

The various products in the support matrix refer to their Support Status, which is defined below:

Active: Active software products are those for which Reilly Telecom has not terminated development efforts. Reilly Telecom will use its best efforts to qualify Active software products for compatibility with the most recent version of the host OS within 6 months of general availability of the host OS; however, Reilly Telecom does not guarantee that Active software products will be compatible with any newly released version of host OS. Active software products are supported as defined in Reilly Telecom's standard Software Support Policy (above). For Active software products, Reilly Telecom will support the current release of the product, plus one revision back from the current release for a period of 6 months from the time the new release becomes generally available. Other prior revision levels of Reilly Telecom software products outside the scope of this policy are supported on a “best efforts” basis.

Inactive: Inactive software products are those for which Reilly Telecom has terminated development efforts. Inactive software may not be compatible with the most recent version of the host OS. Reilly Telecom will apply its standard Software Support Policy for the final release level of the Reilly Telecom software product. Support for non-compatible host OS versions will be provided on a “best efforts” basis.

Inactive/Replaced: As Inactive; however, Reilly Telecom has developed a new product which fully replaces its predecessor.

Best Efforts: Software products categorized with “best efforts” support means Reilly Telecom has terminated development efforts for these software products. Software products in this category may not be compatible with the most recent version of the host OS. Reilly Telecom's standard Software Support Policy does not apply to products in the “best efforts” category. Reilly Telecom will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist the customer in resolving errors. However, the necessary computing resources may not be available at Reilly Telecom’s support center and use of the customer’s computing resources to diagnose and resolve problems may be required.

Unsupported: Unsupported software products are those for which Reilly Telecom does not offer standard maintenance services. Reilly Telecom may, at its option, provide “best efforts” assistance on a time and expenses basis.

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