Support: Tigerpaw 9 and 10 Account Integration

Tigerpaw 9 and 10 Account Integration

Tigerpaw Account Integration is required if you would like AlarmTraq to automatically populate a new site profile with information obtained by the Tigerpaw database.

AlarmTraq will lookup a Tigerpaw account based on Telephone Number (Caller-ID number), Calling Name (Caller-ID Name) or by ProductID.

You must add 12 new fields to the dbo.tblAccounts table (see below).

Column Name Data Type
TPCIDNumber1 vchar(50)
TPCIDNumber2 vchar(50)
TPCIDNumber3 vchar(50)
TPCIDNumber4 vchar(50)
TPCIDName1 vchar(50)
TPCIDName2 vchar(50)
TPCIDName3 vchar(50)
TPCIDName4 vchar(50)
TPPBXID1 vchar(50)
TPPBXID2 vchar(50)
TPPBXID3 vchar(50)
TPPBXID4 vchar(50)



Once an alarm has been received, the new site profile will be created using the following information from Tigerpaw:

  • Account Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Address1
  • Company City
  • Company State
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Contact Email Address

Also, AlarmTraq will enter the Product ID of the alarming system to the first available PBXID field the the Tigerpaw Accounts table.

To view the Tigerpaw Account Information for a site, Click on Site-Profiles>View Tigerpaw Account Info (see below).


You can now edit or view the Tigerpaw Account information for this site.