Traffic Measurements

Provide your customers with comprehensive traffic reporting and help them make informed decisions regarding their voice  networking requirements now and when their business grows.

AlarmTraq can automatically schedule traffic measurements on all trunk groups in an Avaya Aura/CM system as well as legacy Definity systems on a daily basis or on the fly for a specified report period. The report period can be a single day or many weeks or months depending on your customers' requirements.

Reporting for the data collected over the course of the reporting period is compiled and sent by email attachment to the assigned email addresses defined in the traffic Measurement template.

The report format shows the busiest hour for each day in the reporting period as well as highlights the busiest hour of the busiest day for each trunk groups (see below). 

Cover Page TG1 TG2

To view this sample report click here (63K pdf).

Using the list measurements trunk-group summary yesterday-peak command, all traffic data is updated in the SQL database for later reporting and analysis.

Traffic Measurement Templates

Traffic Manager

Traffic Measurements Overview (video 12:23)