AlarmTraq™ Software Support Plans

Ensure your long-term success using AlarmTraq

To get the most benefit out of AlarmTraq, sign up for a Support Plan and receive personalized, friendly service from the team that built AlarmTraq.

AlarmTraq Support Plans are purchased in one year increments.

Support Plan
Price Per Server Part Number
AlarmTraq with 5 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 468 / year ALTSC-0005
AlarmTraq with 10 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 684 / year ALTSC-0010
AlarmTraq with 25 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 1123 / year ALTSC-0025
AlarmTraq with 50 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 1340 / year ALTSC-0050
AlarmTraq with 100 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 1800 / year ALTSC-0100
AlarmTraq with 500 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 2160 / year ALTSC-0005
AlarmTraq with 1000 Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 2664 / year ALTSC-1000
AlarmTraq with Unlimited Product ID 1 year Support & Maintenance
$ 3672 / year ALTSC-9999

Our support philosophy is simple, customers need direct access to well-trained support engineers to solve problems. That is why when customers call Reilly Telecom for support they always reach a well-trained, technically proficient support engineer. Service requests made via voice mail, email, or fax are typically followed up within 2 hours with a maximum response time of one business day.

Service requests that are opened via the telephone, receive the highest priority. Reilly Telecom highly recommends customers call the Technical Services Team when a problem requires immediate assistance.

Support Plans include:

  • All versions of AlarmTraq, including major releases and patches
  • Unlimited telephone support during normal business hours(see below)
  • Email questions answered within one business day
  • 24x7 access to the Support Site for free upgrades and documentation
  • 25% discount on Reilly Telecom Consulting services

Our telephone support

  • Call 203-234-9115
  • International calls: +1 (203) 234-9115
  • Available during Reilly Telecom normal office hours, 8am - 5pm EST

Expired Support Plan

If your AlarmTraq Support Plan lapses a reinstatement fee will be assessed. An AlarmTraq Support Plan is considered lapsed after 30 days of the support plan expiration date. The reinstatement fee is 50% of the relevant support plan. In addition to the reinstatement fee described above, you must purchase a new annual support plan.

Reilly Telecom offers complimentary set-up support for 1 year from date of purchase for all registered users.

All other telephone assistance not covered by a support contract will be subject to a per-incident fee billable to a major credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Per Incident Telephone Support Rates:
AlarmTraq product family $285.00 / hour
SQL Server, Tigerpaw, etc... $285.00 / hour