Configure an S8xxx to send alarms via modem

You must specify several commands to the S8xxx server from a bash prompt in order to send alarms to AlarmTraq via the USB modem attached to the server.

  • almcall
  • almenable
  • almnotif
  • productid
  • testinads


This command displays or administers the OSS telephone numbers, the number of retries, the time interval between retries and Alarm Abbreviation parameters. All OSS parameters are stored in alarm_oss.conf file.

To enter the first number to dial out, use the command: almcall -f 18003942182


The almenable command is used to administer or display Alarm Origination (Traditional Dial-out Modem Calls), and SNMP Alarm Origination. These parameters can no longer be administered via the DEFINITY SAT Interface. All almenable parameters will be logged into alarm_oss.conf file.

To set dial out alarm origination to the first number only, use the command: almenable -d f

To set dial out alarm origination to both numbers, use the command: almenable -d b


This command is used to administer Restart Notification Parameter, Clear Alarm Notification Parameter, and Suspension Threshold for Clear Alarm Notification.

To enable notification for cleared alarms, use the command: almnotif -c y

To enable notification for restarts, use the command: almnotif -r y


Sets or displays the oss productid of the software system. Partial Command functionality (display productID) shall be available from the Stingray WEB interface, in that users cannot set the product ID from the WEB Interface.

To view the existing Product ID, use the command: productid

To set a new Product ID, use the command: productid -p 1xxxxxxxxx


Checks connectivity to the INADS port using the modem. The test is successful only if AlarmTraq acknowledges the test alarm. At least the first OSS number must be administered for this test to be successful.

To test the INADS connection to AlarmTraq, use the command: testinads

*NOTE: Only the first OSS number can be tested using this command. If you wish to have AlarmTraq perform automatic link tests daily, weekly or monthly you must set AlarmTraq to be the first number using the almcall command.