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Ticket Resolution with Smart Automation

Now is the time to implement alarm automation to help streamline your ticketing process.
AlarmTraq API Client is a REST API Client library (Helper Library) used to create HTTP requests and process the HTTP responses from a REST API.

AlarmTraq can raise requests directly into your ticketing systems API and automatically create and or close trouble tickets.

See API Client and API Templates

Amazon AWS - Cloud Computing

Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted

New SALBOT3 for connectivity through Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted connection for automatic alarm remediation, testing, and reporting, which is key to controlling the length and severity of any service outage.

Auto Alarm Remediation

As soon as AarmTraq receives an alarm, it's analyzed using an extensive Maintenance Object Library to determine the best way to deal with that particular alarm.

In many cases, these alarms can be resolved automatically with no human intervention before they become service-affecting. All test results are forwarded to the assigned support engineer.

Secure Alarming over HTTPS

We are pleased to announce the next generation of the AlarmTraq API WebService! The use of HTTPS allows a secure connection over the Internet, providing a high level of protection against eavesdroppers or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Aurora Gateway CS

Provides secure remote alarm monitoring over HTTPS for Avaya/Nortel CS1000 systems. The agatewayCS is deployed as either a Linux or a Windows appliance on the customers local area network.

Remote Alarm Monitoring for NEC UNIVERGE 3C

AlarmTraq has recently teamed up with NEC, through its UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program, to provide a secure, remote alarm-monitoring platform for the UNIVERGE 3C. Utilizing a proven delivery methodology based on secure https delivered within a co-managed framework.

The UNIVERGE 3C sends alarms as SNMP version 3c Notification Messages directly to AlarmTraq which uses multi-level escalation that will immediately trigger a Level 1 notification, which can include up to 4 email fields.

NEC DL15249618 App Note.Pdf

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Latest version: 11.0

Release date:

January 1, 2022

Release notes:

Version 11 of AlarmTraq brings several new features as well as changes to the previous versions. This section highlights some of the new features introduced in v11.

  • Improved alarm filters - to reduce the occurrence of repeat and unnecessary alarms
  • Improved Disable Notification Rules - to reject or disable notification for specific alarms by site(Product ID).
  • Improved and Expanded Maintenance Object Library - with over 5300 pre-defined Avaya events instructing the system how to respond to individual alarms and errors.
  • New AlarmTraq API Client, a REST API client to create new support tickets when an alarm is recieved and close a support ticket when the alarm is cleared. Supports many popular CRM systems used today.
  • New AlarmTraq REST API to process WebRequests from gateways and allows authorized users the ability to view alarm history, edit site-profiles, run reports, and more.
  • New Linux based agatewayCS secure alarming gateway for Nortel CS1000 using NEW Alarm rules table.
  • Improved Linux based agateway secure alarming gateway providing significant performance enhancements.
  • Improved Avaya CM Traffic Measurement enchancements (10-user license included).

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