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Wide compatibility

Automatic alarm remediation

Immediate alarm remediation is key to controlling the length and severity of any service outage.

As soon as an alarm is received by AlarmTraq it's analyzed using an extensive Maintenance Object Library which will determine the best way to deal with that particular alarm.

In many cases these alarms can be resolved automatically with no human intervention before they become service effecting. All test results are then forwarded to the assigned support engineer.

Secure Alarming over HTTPS

The use of HTTPS allows a secure connection over the Internet. This provides a high level of protection against eavesdroppers or man-in-the-middle attacks.

AlarmTraq uses XML to code and to decode data, and SOAP to transport it (using open protocols). An advantage of SOAP is that alarm messages are much more likely to get through firewall servers that screen out requests other than those for known applications (through the designated port mechanism).

About us

REILLY TELECOM, Inc., is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, prospective customers, and website visitors, and we strictly adhere to a policy that protects the personal and organizational data of all such parties. Under no circumstances will we sell or otherwise divulge to a third party any data we collect, nor will we use this data for any purposes other than our own marketing and internal needs.

IMPORTANT: The updated SNMP MIBs are completely different from those issued with Communication Manager 6.3.xx and earlier releases. Applications such as AlarmTraq that process SNMP information from the earlier releases will not work with the 6.3.111 or higher releases, and will require upgrading to AlarmTraq 7.6 to use the new MIB structure.  

How do the changes affect me? 
If you are running AlarmTraq version 7.5 and below using the G3-Avaya-MIB, you will need to upgrade to AlarmTraq 8.0 to use the new MIBs and thereby ensure that it will interoperate successfully with the 6.3.111, 7.0 and higher releases of Communication Manager.

What else do I need to know?  AlarmTraq 8.0 is required to support SNMP alarming from Avaya Aura® Communication Manager 6.3.111 and higher.

You can download the new version from the AlarmTraq Support Site

Avaya Aura SNMP Renewal in 6.3.111, 7.0 and Higher Releases

Avaya Aura SNMP Renewal Quick Reference Guide 

Sample SNMP Trap Message

                Community: public
                Agent IP:
                Message Type: 71
                Agent Port: 43835
                Index: 0
                VariableCount: 8
                SNMP Type: SNMPv2c
                v2 Trap Name: [] avCmAlmAlarmTest

                [] [sysUpTime] 14107965
                [] [snmpTrapOID] avCmAlmAlarmTest 
                [] [avCmAlmIPAddress] IPV4= IPV6= 
                [] [avCmAlmSystemName] server1 
                [] [avCmAlmProductID] 1000000172 
                [] [avCmAlmAlarmedDate] 09/25 
                [] [avCmAlmAlarmedTime] 05:57:14 
                [] [avCmAlmTestDescription] CUSTOMER ALARM TEST 

                A Test Alarm has been issued by the CommunicaMgr process to generate a trap for testing.

                Processing alarm as: 1000000172 25/07:57,EOF,RES|CUSTOMER ALARM TEST,avCmAlmAlarmTest,n,WAR 

                Alarm 199603 processed successfully.

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