New Installation of AlarmTraq™

Upgrading from a previous version

Download the installation manual (PDF)

View the YouTube video 'AlarmTraq Installation' (23:19)

View the YouTube video 'Create a new AlarmTraq Database on SQL Server 2008 R2' (8:41)

Step 1: Install AlarmTraq

Download the full package ( from the downloads section of the Support Site (login required)

Step 2

Unzip the file to a temporary directory on your server. In this example we created a new folder named AlarmTraqInstall. Right-click on the setup.exe file and choose 'Run as Administrator' from the menu..

Run as Administrator
Step 3

Press 'Accept' to install the latest version (13.0.21 32-bit) of the Crystal Reports Runtime. This may take several minutes to complete.

Step 4

Read and agree to the software license agreement, click Next.

Step 5

Select the installation folder and click Next.

Step 6

Confirm the installation and click Next.

Step 7

Wait while AlarmTraq is installed on your server, this could take several minutes.

Step 8

When the installation has completed, click Close.

Step 9: Create empty SQL database

Before running AlarmTraq for the first time we need to create the database in SQL Server. Open SQL Server Management Studio and click on File > Open > File. Select the appropriate script file to match your version of SQL Server from the AlarmTraq Tools folder (\Program Files\AlarmTraq\Tools) and click Open.

SQL Server Management Studio
Step 10

Verify the path located on lines 5 and 7 match your current installation of SQL Server and edit if needed.

Step 11

On the toolbar click Execute. after a few seconds a blank AlarmTraq database is created in SQL.

Step 12

Open AlarmTraq by clicking on the new shortcut on your desktop. If this is the first time starting AlarmTraq you will be prompted for the SQL Server to use. make sure you have selected to use the 'With SQL Server authentication using Login ID and password below'.

Enter your SQL Login ID (default is sa) and the password you assigned when you installed SQL server

Step 13

Click the Test Connection button to verify your access to the AlarmTraq database.

Step 14

If the test is successful click OK and OK to write the connection string to the registry. AlarmTraq will use this connection string when accessing the database.

Step 15: Rebuild the SQL Stored Procedures and Functions

Double-click the new AlarmTraq shortcut on your desktop to launch AlarmTraq. The first time you run AlarmTraq, several tables will be populated with working data and may take a few minutes to load. When completed, the main form will be visible.

AlarmTraq Main Form

And that's it. Your AlarmTraq installation is now completed.

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