Achieving and Maintaining the highest level of alarm monitoring available while improving hardware utilization, operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

Reilly Telecom is proud to announce that AlarmTraq has achieved VMware Ready™ status. This designation indicates that AlarmTraq has passed a detailed evaluation and testing process managed by VMware and is now listed in the VMware Partner Product Catalog.

Tom McManus, Director of Product Management at Reilly Telecom, states, “With AlarmTraq attaining VMware Ready status, we continue our strategy to provide customers with feature-rich tools designed to support the ever-changing IP telephony market, working with VMware to ensure dependable business continuity.”

Our VMware Ready™ software will help customers make the transition to a virtual NOC and ultimately to a cloud-capable NOC faster, easier, and with less disruption and risk. VMware Ready™ ensure baseline interoperability and higher levels of integration with VMware products. With the VMware Ready™ logo, we are assuring our customers that our solutions have passed VMware-specified criteria and are optimized for VMware Virtual Datacenter OS.

About VMware Ready™

VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter. VMware Ready™ is an umbrella program for partner solutions that are interoperable and optimized for VMware products. VMware Ready™ incorporates existing hardware certification programs and expands to cover new areas of server, storage, networking, security, management, virtual appliances, and cloud computing solutions that complement VMware’s Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS) and vCloud initiatives.

The VMware Ready™ is designed to assure customers that VMware Ready™-labeled products and solutions offered by VMware partners – the largest ecosystem of virtualization technology vendors and service providers — are optimized for VMware products. Customers who use VMware Ready™ services benefit from the safest, broadest choice of solutions, reduced risk, and lower integration costs.

You can review the VMware Ready™ program and resources here.