Why use alarmtraq?

AlarmTraq is sold as a stand-alone server application that runs on your server, so there are no monthly recurring fees for the service.

An organization that purchased AlarmTraq back in late 2002 was looking to save money by providing their own remote alarm monitoring for about 100 locations with Avaya Definity systems, with an average size of about 2000 ports (lines and trunks) per location.

To support these 100 locations this organization was paying about $15,800.00/month or $190,000.00/year for remote alarm monitoring from Avaya. This is based on the typical .60 cents per-port/per month remote-only plan.

They installed a 12-port AlarmTraq server and modems at a cost of about $12,000.00 one-time, then took advantage of a support plan for AlarmTraq every year since then at an additional cost of $1,800.00/year. The return on investment was measured in hours instead of months or years. This organization saved over $930,000.00 the past 5 years because of their decision to go with AlarmTraq.

Who is this organization? The United States Navy.