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On-site Training

AlarmTraq on-site training is offered to those customers who prefer personalized assistance for setting up and learning AlarmTraq. On-site training is your best option if:

  • You have a group (3 or more) of users who want to learn AlarmTraq.
  • You want to learn and set up the software in the shortest time possible.
  • You prefer to learn from a live workshop instead of using manuals.
  • You prefer personalized assistance from an AlarmTraq expert.

On-site training offers many advantages:
  1. You and your staff will get answers to your questions from an AlarmTraq expert.
  2. The trainer will lead you through the ins and outs of the software and will answer any specific questions you have regarding your implementation of the software.
  3. On-site training is your most convenient training option because the trainer will come to your site. You do not have to make travel arrangements for your staff, handle expense reports, etc.
  4. For groups of 3 or larger, on-site training is your most economical option when compared to sending a group of people to a training class.
  5. Since the on-site session is set up specially for you, the session will be focused on the areas of AlarmTraq that are most beneficial to your center.
  6. You will be able to get advice from the trainer regarding your needs.
  7. You can influence the future features of the software by suggesting improvement ideas to the instructor.

What is it?

During the visit to your site, our trainer will:

  1. Take you through a detailed demonstration of the software, including system-wide options, site profiles, software configuration, reports generation, maintenance, and more.
  2. Show you how to use the available options to customize the software to your needs.
  3. Guide you through the installation procedure for the client and server machines.
  4. Show you power-user tips and tricks.
  5. Answer any questions you or your staff may have about AlarmTraq.


The training session usually starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. The training is usually offered over a single-day period. However, this is your training session and you are free to set up a different training schedule. If you prefer to have the training over more than one day, an additional fee applies.


The fee for on-site training is $2,500. We will make and pay for all travel arrangements, so you do not have to worry about making travel reservations, paying travel expenses, or dealing with receipts and expense reports.

The above fee covers one day of training. If you need extra days, an additional fee of $1,500 per extra day is required.

Note that the fee above assumes that the trainer is able to travel back to Connecticut after the training session. For remote sites, this might not be possible, and the trainer will need to spend the next day traveling instead. In this case, an additional fee of $700 is required to cover the extra travel time and expenses. Contact us to find out if your site is considered remote.

Also note that we need a minimum of 30 days notice to arrange your on-site training. Shorter notices will require an additional fee to cover the higher travel expenses associated with short notice travel reservations. Note that our company's policy requires that we receive pre-payment before we can schedule your on-line training session.

How to Order

First contact us to arrange for a mutually convenient training date. You will then need to prepay the training session directly with a check or a major credit card.

Training Agenda
1) Needs Assessment

The trainer will start by asking you about your needs (types of services you offer, who will use the software, and what you would like to get out of AlarmTraq). The trainer will then determine how AlarmTraq can be used to fulfill your needs and will focus the training session on what you need most.

2) Software Usage Tour

With your needs in mind, the trainer will go through the different software modules to give you an over-view of how it works.

3) Software Setup

The trainer will then show you how to set up the software for use at your center. This includes setting up the system-wide options, site profiles, etc. The trainer will also show you how to use the more advanced capabilities of AlarmTraq like SQL integration and web applications.

4) Software Maintenance

Like any other database application AlarmTraq requires some maintenance. This includes backing up the tables, selective deletion of records. The trainer will show you how to do each one of these tasks.

5) Reports and Data

Getting data into the computer is half the job. You still need to get useful information out of it. The trainer will show you the different types of reports available. You will learn how to use AlarmTraq's Reports Generator including filtering data, setting the report's options, and printing reports.

6) Support Resources

The trainer will show the available support resources and options for the software users. This includes a tour of the AlarmTraq support site, message board, and available on-line resources.

7) Q & A

You and your staff are free to ask questions during the presentation. You will also get an opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session following the presentation. Topics for discussion may include software functionality, setup, customization, and network installation. If more hands-on work is required, the trainer can meet with your staff members on individual bases to address their questions.

More Info

Contact us at if you need more info or to schedule a training date for your site.