Opengear ACM5000

Opengear (, a leading provider of next generation console server and remote management solutions, today announced that Opengear will integrate its products with AlarmTraq. For more information click here.


Support organizations can securly manage and monitor Avaya CM/Aura servers from a remote location over a dial-up secure SSH tunnel for administration and maintenance. The ACM5000 family uses an embedded FIPS140-2 cryptographic module that has been validated and has received Certificate #1051. The ACM5000 family also employs IPSec VPN for advanced security to meet the most demanding applications.


The Opengear ACM5000 along with AlarmTraq provides the most efficient and secure access link at the lowest cost available today. In one secure package, customers have complete control over all remote access to their networks.


The ACM5000 is one of Opengear’s fastest growing product lines and is used across many companies and organizations, including financial institutions, government agencies and hospital systems.

Secure Console Managementnt

The ACM5000 enables system administrators to securely access and control their Avaya CM/Aura systems, Audix as well as legacy Definity systems and networks from anywhere in the world. The CM4000 provides reliable and secure access to the serial console ports, embedded service processors and network console ports on Windows, Linux, SUN, HP and IBM servers. The ACM5000 can monitor and control network infrastructure such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls, UPS, Remote Power, PBX, and much more.


Remote Out of Band Accesss

The ACM5000 can be remotely accessed in-band through 10/000 TCP/IP or out-of-band through an external modem. All connections are secure to remote systems using robust advanced encryption. The ACM5000 also provides a selection of filtering and access logging facilities which can be archived off-line. Access can be restricted by IP address, password or account. Administrators can securely control and manage their distributed networks of servers and appliances using the latest in console access. Available in 1, 8, 16 and 48 port models, the ACM5000 family of advanced console servers are the perfect fit for in band or out of band access to vital IT assets.


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