How to obtain a license

AlarmTraq can be licensed in two ways, through a modem attached to the AlarmTraq server or manually entered using the 'Register AlarmTraq' form. This page covers the steps needed to license your AlarmTraq server using the manual entry method.

Step 1 - from the Main form click Help > Register AlarmTraq

Step 2 - Contact Reilly Telecom with your Code Entry Number and Server ID. You can send an email message to with these numbers and we will reply with a new License Code and Password.

The Code Entry Number changes daily so be prepared to resend the new code if needed.

Step 3 - Enter the License Code and Password provided by Reilly Telecom and click on OK. You will receive a Activation Complete message if the license is valid.

Step 4 - To verify your new license click Help > About AlarmTraq