Creating a more Effective NOC

Your network operations center (NOC) is a place from which administrators supervise, monitor and maintain the telephone systems you support.

Your AlarmTraq Web-Portal displays the current alarms so you can act quickly to any problem and keep your clients informed. Access to real-time alarms for the telephone systems you monitor is crucial to delivering the best customer service.

And now you have the data to back it up. AlarmTraq has the tools you need to monitor the health, history and configuration of all the telephone systems you support:

  • Web Interface (NOC View)
  • Alarm Descriptions sent by email and via the web.
  • Maintenance Object database with over 700 common Avaya alarms.
  • SendCommands allows you to send commands via the web.
  • Auto-Configuration Reports make keeping a systems inventory easy.
  • Tenant Service to allow multiple service-providers access to alarms.
  • Customer Groups to combine several sites into a single page.
  • Dispatcher Module take a look at the new Dispatcher Module.

There will, however, invariably be incidents that surpass the local capabilities of any given site, and this is where a sophisticated network operations centre (NOC) is crucial. With a communications connection to all transmission sites, the NOC constantly monitors the status of all services in the network, responding to any that raises an alarm.

Ideally, AlarmTraq remotely handles most faults, with minimal, if any, disruption to the service in question. For example, around 80% of alarms can be easily rectified by the automatic intelligent testing performed by AlarmTraq. This provides prompt restoration of service, while avoiding dispatching of a field-maintenance technician.