How to test email connectivity using telnet

This procedure will test connectivity and sending ability with your local Exchange server using telnet on port 25

Step 1

Open a command prompt and enter telnet <servername> <port> In this case we are using port 25 (SMTP).

Step 2

Next we need to initiate the connection using EHLO to identify the server. We will enter: EHLO

Step 3

Enter the sender email address as MAIL FROM: the reply should be Sender OK

Step 4

Next we will enter the Recipient email address as RCPT TO: the response should be Recipient OK

Step 5

Now we will enter the the word DATA and hit enter.

Step 6

Enter the email subject line as Subject: test message and hit the 'Enter' key twice

Step 7

Now enter the body of the message.

Step 8

To complete the email and send it enter "." on a line by itself

Step 9

You should receive a Queued mail for delivery message. To quit enter QUIT