Configuring SALBOT3 to work with Avaya SAL Hosted 3.0 Concentrator for Business Partners

February 1, 2019

SALBOT3 is a desktop application that acts as the interface between AlarmTraq 9.0 and the Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted Concentrator. Using SALBOT3 for connectivity through Avaya SAL 3.0 connection for automatic alarm remediation, testing, and traffic reporting, which is key to controlling the length and severity of any service outage.

As soon as an alarm is received by AlarmTraq it's analyzed using an extensive Maintenance Object Library which will determine the best way to deal with that particular alarm. In many cases, these alarms can be resolved automatically with no human intervention before they become service affecting. All test results are then forwarded to the assigned support engineer.


Once SALBOT3 receives a task, it will attempt to login to the Avaya SSO site and establish a connection to the associated Avaya Communications Manager (CM) and send the desired commands.

Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted connection using SALBOT3

3 - Supports Avaya SAL BP Alarm Receiver (BPAR).

4 - Supports Avaya SAL 3.0 Hosted Concentrator